Current Projects

The Water District will be replacing all our existing water meters with a new automated read meter which will transmit your meter reading directly to our truck as the driver go down the road. These new meters will have a more accurate reading which will reduce our water losses and it will help keep our employees safer being they won't be stopping at every house to manually read the meter. You should start seeing our contractors around May 1st upgrading the meter in your yard.

In August 2018, you should start seeing some beginning construction work on our new water plant that will be located on Annie Russ Road near Medina. Due to the rapid growth in this area, our current water plant and well weren't designed for this growing numbers of customers.

  •  The new automated meters have been installed and everything seems to be working well. 
  •  The new Goat City water plant near Medina has been completed and is operating as designed. We will still have to replace some water mains with larger pipe to get the maximum flows that we need for all the area.

Hwy 420 Line Replacement

We are slowly getting the old line replaced along Hwy 420 in Fruitland. A new 8" line has been completed from the water tank to Tyson's feed mill in Fruitland. We are currently working our way East on Hwy 420 toward Gibson. The cost of the material we're using has more than double since the time we started this project but we'll continue this replacement as long as funds are available.